~Day of Defeat 1.3 Realism and TPG Comrads~

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 ~|505th DoD| About~

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~|505th DoD| About~ Empty
PostSubject: ~|505th DoD| About~   ~|505th DoD| About~ Icon_minitimeThu Jun 27, 2013 1:50 am

Welcome to the 505th DoD where people who still like realisming can come and have one place they can do that at. Here you can reminisce on past times with other units, reunite with old friends and set up a realism just like old times.

In the past realism was thought as a unit vs. unit community. Well if you havn't noticed dod is pretty bleak. Getting a 10 v 10 would be impossible. So with this generation of realism you can join the 505th or join as whatever unit you used play for. We add a section for you to use on the forums, give you an admin and let you do your thing.
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~|505th DoD| About~
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