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 Booted for being "abusive"

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Booted for being "abusive" Empty
PostSubject: Booted for being "abusive"   Booted for being "abusive" Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 9:28 pm

Hey guys, I was playing Argentan with you today (10:16 PM EST) and was kicked for being "abusive."  I'm not sure what happened.  When I first joined the server, I typed in "ff" once to check if friendly fire was on, then went on playing.  A little while later I saw that chat was being spammed with "ff is disabled" messages and wondered who was doing it it, then I got kicked.  I guess something on your end indicated it was somehow me... and that's where I'm lost.  I've never run or considered running a chat spam script (I don't even know how).  I've been playing dod:s for years and was even a Tech Sgt. for several years in a unit way back when (8th ID), so I'm not a troll.  Anyway, my apologies if it was somehow actually me causing a disruption, but I swear I didn't do anything except check if ff was on once.  Hope to game with you guys again if we can clear this up.
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Booted for being "abusive" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Booted for being "abusive"   Booted for being "abusive" Icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2014 5:28 pm

This is a dead 1.3 unit, not the 505th PIR from Source. Laughing
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Booted for being "abusive"
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